BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)–One church in Beckley is giving back by welcoming those who don’t have access to water, and a nice, warm shower.

Some residents in Beckley were left with little to no water after leaks on Monday, December 26, 2022.

One man wanted to find out how he could help his community.

Galleria Plaza Chick-Fil-A owner Richard Jarrell made a post on Facebook asking who could lend a helping hand.

“If we could find some churches in the area, someone that has gyms and showers that they could open up to let the community come in,” Jarrell said.

The United Methodist Temple in Beckley answered the call.

Kellie Laraba, the Chair of the Place for Kids Daycare at the temple said they have the facilities available.

“We’re able to have people come and take showers if they’re interested during this crisis whatever way we can help them in that aspect,” Laraba said.

Jarrell said he wanted to make it easier for the temple to help the community.

“Just to help the burden because churches have expenses too. I said look I’ll pay for the water for the month if somebody will do it,” Jarrell said.

He said paying the water bill isn’t because they decided to open their church but Laraba said she’s thankful the temple can start back up serving their community again.

“It’s amazing how there’s so much that we could do and then COVID happened and we weren’t able to do and now we’re able to do that again…it’s an amazing feeling,” Laraba said.

The showers are open from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. And Laraba said the temple is offering additional help as well.

“If somebody has a need, if there’s someone they want to talk to if they want someone to pray with them we’ll have someone here that can sit with them and chat and pray with them while they’re waiting or after they take their shower,” Laraba said.