SHADY SPRING, WV (WVNS)–It is one of the biggest hunting weeks of the year in the Mountain State and local deer processing centers are ready for an influx in business.

Processing businesses like Hunter’s Choice in Shady Spring helps hunters cut meat from the deer they kill during the season.

Parker Redden with the shop said they are staying busy and anticipate seeing even more hunters during the Thanksgiving week and weekend.

“Usually Wednesdays and Fridays are our biggest two days of the week. Wednesday is usually when they come back from camp before Thanksgiving and then they go back Friday, Saturday so that’s usually our biggest days,” Redden said.

Redden added they saw up to 65 deer on the first official day of buck firearm season, and plan to reach that number again throughout this week.

He talked about the different types of cuts they offer to the local hunters in the area.

“We skin, cut, vacuum seal. So we can do all kinds of cuts. We got tenderized hams, sliced hams, we can make specialty summer sausage, jalapeno summer jerky, just about anything and everything they want,” Redden said.

But before you bring that deer in, make sure it’s registered with the Division of Natural Resources or you could face penalties.

Local law enforcement officials also want to remind hunters to be safe this week.

Summers County Sheriff Justin Faris says it’s important for hunters to adhere to all guidelines to keep them safe this hunting season. He’s reminding folks to always wear blaze orange and to bring extra supplies in case you get lost.

“We have a lot of hunters in the woods today,” said Farish. “Just make sure they’re wearing their proper orange, stuff like that. Make sure you’re careful, you’ve got some extra food with you, water, stuff like that. Let people know where you’re hunting.”

Hunters also need to make sure they are registered with the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources before they go hunting this week.