RENICK, WV (WVNS) — If you’re looking for a fun outing to spend with family and friends, you should go visit the Friendly Goat Fruit Farm.

Located at 2801 Julia Rd in Renick, WV, 24966, the farm offers a scenic place for the public to enjoy, which includes a large blueberry farm filled with over 3,000 bushes, where families and friends can pick berries, and can also come pet and feed the friendly goats that roam the farm.

Stacey Minear, a local mother, loved bringing her kids to the farm.

“Wonderful place, kids had a lot of fun (even in the heat). We loved all the small touches from the buckets to sit on, the kids treasure chest, and feeding the goats. The berries were so delicious and plentiful.”

Stacey Minear

Another satisfied individual who came to visit also said, “Wonderful evening picking blueberries. Some of the prettiest berries that I’ve ever seen, and so very tasty. Can’t recommend this farm enough,”

So come down to the farm and take the time to visit today. Herb Ley, the owner would love to meet you, and the friendly goats would too.

For more information, please call the office at 304-497-2116, or call Herb Ley on his cell phone at 304-646-8686. You can also visit their Facebook page, Friendly Goat Fruit Farm.