Local fire department reduces cancer risk

Grafton FD turnout gear washer-794283017

Washing away cancer? Not quite, but the firefighter Turnout Gear Washer will help protect the crews at the Grafton Fire Department.

“It removes the carcinogens and all the contaminants in the gear. It’s a proven fact that the carcinogens and the stuff we get on our gear does cause cancer,” said Dave Crimm, Grafton Fire chief. 

According to a study conducted in part by the CDC, firefighters have a higher chance of cancer diagnoses and cancer related deaths.

“It’s a lot of the smoke of the materials that are being burned. Pretty much everything that’s being burned now, the hydrocarbons they are a petroleum base and it does cause cancer,” said Crimm. 

Fortunately members of the Grafton Fire Department have not been hit with any cancer diagnoses. 

“Across the nation they do,” stated Crimm. “So we want to make sure we lessen the risk down of our people.”

Department officials said they would like to keep cancer far away. 

“The machine costs roughly around $4,500, but that’s a small price to pay to keep the heath and safety of our members good,” said Crimm. 

The new machine will be in service in the next two weeks.

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