GHENT, WV (WVNS)– One well-known gamer in the Mountain State is giving back to the community one meal at a time.

If you watch Facebook Gaming, there’s a chance you might see The Fierce Diva streaming. Better known as Michael Reynolds, he wants to do something special for his community. Reynolds is originally from Charleston and told 59News gaming chose him.

“I went in my older sister’s room and she had the super Nintendo in there and I would play all the time. I remember faking sick at a young age when I did go to school so I could play these video games. So I feel as those it grabbed a hold of me and I’ve taken it throughout life,” Reynolds said.

He partnered with Mountaineer Food Bank to help give food to community members who need it.
Reynolds donated $5,000 and Mountaineer Food Bank will help match his donations. This is a part of the food bank’s Black History Month initiative. This is the first time they partnered with The Fierce Diva to give meals to people with food insecurity.

Gabri Bonazzo, Communications Coordinator with Mountaineer Food Bank, breaks down how many meals they’ll be able to give out:

“We usually use the number that one dollar equals ten meals, so in total if we’re able to get the ten thousand dollars, it’ll be one hundred thousand meals,” Bonazzo said.

Reynolds shared one reason he decided to give back was to try and correct the failures he made. However, he said he feels happy and proud that he can help people.

“What better way to start that journey than to start in the place that I grew up in and that helped raise me into the person I am today. It makes me feel proud of myself but also proud of my community, of Facebook Gaming and the Black Gaming Creator program, that helped provide me with these opportunities to do these things,” Reynolds said.

For more information about this initiative, visit the Mountaineer Food Bank’s website.