BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — When the pandemic hit, people were clearing the shelves of local grocery stores, hoarding toilet paper, and disinfecting wipes.

According to one local gun shop owner, Ronnie Wood, that is not the only thing people were hoarding!

“People are just afraid that they aren’t going to be able to get any more,” Wood said.

Wood owns Flat top Arms in Beckley. He said he had a difficult time finding ammo to buy since last April. He said it started when riots were taking place in other parts of the country.

“People became very afraid. They purchased ammo for any type and every type of gun they own,” Wood said.

Now, it is almost impossible for him to get his hands on any type of ammo.

“Not just a tactical round or a nine millimeter round, it was something as obsolete as 32 Smith and Wesson, right up to some of the large caliber rifles,” Wood explained.

He had to ration boxes to one or two per customer. Although business is booming, Wood said it is very difficult to provide for his customers.

“Do you have this? Do you have the ammunition I need? Do you have this gun or that gun? And I say no, no and then the next day you do that and then you do that for this week, and then you do it this month, and next month, and into next year,” Wood said.

Wood said his suppliers are making the ammo, but just cannot keep up with the demand. He said he does not see it getting better any time soon.

“I don’t see a convenient end for it in the future,” Wood said.