BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– With West Virginia lawmakers poised to set regulations about when and how women in the state may access abortion, some Beckley men say they want a stronger role in protecting their female partners.

A vasectomy is usually an outpatient surgery that ensures a man won’t get his partner pregnant. It is almost 100 percent effective and is the safest method of birth control for women who live in a state where abortion is banned, according to international health experts.
It is also reversible.

A local doctor explained how it compares to a tubal ligation, in which a woman’s fallopian tubes are cut in order to prevent pregnancy.

“A vasectomy is less risky, less pain post-operatively, and a faster recovery time than a tubal ligation is for a woman,” explained Dr. Jodie Posey-Bucks, M.D.

A national trend since the Supreme Court decision shows that men are scheduling vasectomies in other states. Data on southern West Virginia is not yet available, but many men are willing to talk about it. A number of men said they had had vasectomies. Others said they would consider it.

One local pastor said men play a crucial role in stopping crisis pregnancies. Tony Lewis, 36, said he would consider a vasectomy after he had started a family.

“I want to have kids, first,” said Lewis. “But yes, for sure, I would.”

A number of women in Beckley said they would like to see men in the state taking a more active role in family planning by getting vasectomies.

“I actually think it’s a really good idea,” said Marissa O’Dell. “First, it’s reversible, and then, being a female, we have to jump through hoops, to either get our tubes tied, which is reversible or to get anything removed, we have to go through hoops.”

Lewis did not disagree about a man’s role in helping prevent pregnancies.

“Well, I mean, for sure, that would stop a crisis pregnancy from happening, if I were to get a vasectomy,” he agreed.