MERCER COUNTY, WV — The book “God Said No: Why the Fires of My Life Were Necessary” is the inspiring tale of Flat Top mother Robin Hatcher’s journey with her daughter, Haylee, who was born with Down’s Syndrome and a range of other disabilities.

Penned by Michele Moran, with illustrations by Cameron Moran, the book is not about disabilities, however.

Hatcher said on April 21, 2023, that she wants the book to be a light for others who face challenges.

She said when Haylee, who is now 20 , was born, Hatcher was terrified by the thoughts of Haylee’s future.

“I was like, screaming on the inside,” said Hatcher. “I had to hold it together. I had a little girl with a lot of complex needs and I had to take care of her. Everything was changing quickly. I had to quit my job. We had all these people coming into the house now, to do therapies. For the first two months, I cried every single day.”

When Haylee was three or four years old, Hatcher said, a Bible verse: God’s promise of a hope and future during life’s hard journeys, gave her a new vision.

“God was telling me, Robin, settle in,” said Hatcher. “And what I found when I settled in was, this is a beautiful life. This is a life definitely worth living.”

Hatcher said Haylee has brought joy to the family, which now includes twin siblings, and that she has an innocent spirit.

“She just enjoys life,” said Hatcher. “She makes the most of every moment. And she’s taught us how to be content.”

Robin said she hopes her family’s journey will give hope to others who face a hard journey in life, of any kind.

“It is my way of paying it forward, so people don’t feel alone and isolated, like I did in the beginning,” said Hatcher.

The book launch party is at Gates Supply at 363 Ragland Road in Beckley on Thursday, April 27, 2023, from 5:30 to 9 p.m.