MULLENS, WV (WVNS)– In trying to find ways to help alleviate flooding potential, US Army Corp Engineers along with Mullens locals met to discuss a newly laid out plan for the city.

The study, now called the Flood Plain Management Services Study, is a federally funded study, valued at $125,000, and will look into past incidents to help in future alternatives.

According to Ken Woodard, Chief of Plan Formulation for the Huntington District USACE, flooding in Mullens is constantly a concern due to its geography.

“In Appalachia, there’s a lot of communities like Mullens where it’s very steep hillside, flat flood plain where most people build and then the river, so there’s a lot of flash flooding issues in Mullens,” Woodard said.

Woodard added he hopes the study will be completed by the end of September 2023. For the residents of Mullens, this sort of study could not have come at a better time, with Mullens having dealt with life-changing floods over the years.

According to Shirley Weaver, Secretary of the City of Mullens Foundation, flooding has been so bad, the residents are scared when it starts to rain.

“Every time it rains here, everyone’s on pins and needles because ever since we had the flood in 2001, everyone’s afraid that’s gonna happen again,” Weaver said.

The 2001 flood proved to be both costly and devastating for the city, one where the recovery was slow and where some businesses never got the chance to open their doors ever again.

Since 2001, the city of Mullens has continued to prosper but still remembers 2001 all too well more than 20 years later.

Barry Smith, President of the City of Mullens Foundation, said he is hoping the study can help give locals ways to help alleviate any future flooding damage.

“We’re hoping we can do some things that alleviate the extent of the flooding. You can’t completely stop it, but do some things to make it smaller where it won’t be as catastrophic for the people,” Smith said.

Smith continued this study will, in turn, give the town a new sense of hope going forward.

“I think it gives the town, the city, hope that there’s things that can be done to help prevent this in the future and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish here,” Smith said.