FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WVNS)– As BASE jumpers wait their turn to strap on their parachutes and jump from the New River Gorge Bridge on Saturday, October 15, 2022, they have to prepare for the jump.

Those at Holiday Lodge in Oak Hill said it takes time to pack a parachute correctly. The goal is to make sure the chute opens fast, but the packing takes time.

Some people return to the Gorge, year after year, to BASE jump from the Bridge. They often bring their family and friends with them.

Alex Badenhop of Medford, Oregon, came with her partner to jump from the bridge.

“This is my first Bridge Day,” said Badenhop. “My dad has been coming here for a really long time. He’s very involved in the sport, so, yeah, it’s really exciting to be here.”

Denice Sanders of Phoenix, Ariz., a veteran jumper, said she came to show support for Badenhop.

“This is a really nostalgic place for me, because I made my first BASE jump here in 1996,” Sanders said. “And starting in 1997 and every year up until a few years ago, I was helping to coordinate and run the event.”

Jumpers at Holiday Lodge were in a celebratory mood on Friday afternoon, as they prepared for Bridge Day.