BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– Beckley Elementary School teachers and parent volunteers helped set up the school’s annual Field Day for the kids.

As a way to celebrate their hard work in the classroom, the school holds the Field Day, a day full of games like a slip and slide, water balloon fight, volleyball, and a bubble blowing machine. The event also had sidewalk chalk drawing and pie your favorite/not so favorite teacher.

I love to see the excitement. Just the excitement on their faces that they get excited over Popsicles and popcorn and who doesn’t get excited over bubbles, you know? It’s just it’s great to be able to to help with this.  

Jenni Canterbury, Parent Volunteer

Students were even able to touch on some of their favorite things during this year’s Field Day.

Because when you put the pie in their face sometimes you can slap them on their head. 

Sofia Copney | Second Grade Student

After a long, hard-working school year, these students are definitely ready for summer vacation.