PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) — According to the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, a series of potential scam calls are going across the Mercer County area.

The scam calls reportedly begin with an unsolicited phone call from a local number that is actually located somewhere else. The scams vary from each call but Mercer County Sheriff’s Department describe the common scenarios already reported.

Scammers posing as workers from Amazon will call saying there is an unauthorized charge on the account or they may pose as DIRECTV calling to upgrade your satellite receiver.

On top of posing as employees of popular brands, the scammers will also call acting like law enforcement officials claiming they need money to dismiss an active warrant.

Mercer County Sheriff’s Department says the best course of action is to let any call from an unrecognized number go to voicemail. They also remind us of important tips if you do answer such as: law enforcement agencies will not demand money to dismiss a warrant, gift cards are not a source of payment for the government, and government agencies will never conduct business via text message.

Remember not to provide any personal information such as date of birth or social security number. For additional information visit the Internet Crime Complaint Center website at