PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) — A brand new choir will be taking the stage on Saturday, September 30th!

The ‘CMC: Generations Choir; will be performing “Saturdays at the Park’.

These performances are free of charge. The mission of the Generations Community Choir is to enrich the lives of the community. This enrichment can come from its members through the art of choral singing, through performance, collaboration and outreach.

“So this is actually the debut of our CMC generations choir and they are performing ‘Saturdays at the park’. It is the ‘Chicago’s’ song but it’s going to be a full length performance,” said Candace Wilson, the Executive Director of the Chuck Mathena Center.

Although admission if free, the Chuck Mathena Center will be taking donations. Wilson adds that these performances are intended to uplift their community with beautiful music and a positive message.