FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS)– With technology allowing access to remote learning within schools, many raise the question, why cancel school when the weather gets bad?

Fayette County Superintendent Gary Hough said making the decision is not that easy. 

He said that when it’s time to decide to open schools or not, he and other staff members check roads throughout the county, look at bus accessibility, double-check the hourly forecast, and much more. When it comes to complete cancellation versus remote learning, he said one major thing plays a huge role.

“Part of what happened this morning is we really like to have staff on the building when we are remote so we can make sure that we have that contact if someone is reaching out,” Hough said. ” Even if it’s a delayed format.  This morning the reports we were all getting of icy conditions we were getting early thins morning would have made it dangerous to bring staff in.” 

Hough adds that sometimes a traditional “snow day” is just good for the spirit of the kids. Right now, the school still has 7 more “snow days” available built into their schedule.