GREENBRIER COUNTY, WV (WVNS) – A dangerous rescue mission in Greenbrier County saved the lives of five furry friends.

The Lewisburg Fire Department was called to a rescue in Renick over the weekend, where five hunting dogs had fallen into a cavern 70 feet below ground.

Firefighter and EMT Eddie Brookman says repelling 70 feet into a cave was new, even for him.

“That’s probably the furthest down in the hole I’ve ever been,” said Brookman. “We get called quite a bit for rope rescues but that one was definitely interesting and unique.”

When they reached the opening at the top of the hill, it was so small that Eddie had to contort his body to get down to the dogs.

“When we found the hole it was probably two feet wide at the top of the hole. So we harnessed up and went down with ropes and supplies,” Brookman told 59News.

“Because of my stature I figured on the way there I was probably going to be the one.” Brookman joked.

Once he reached the dogs at the bottom, Eddie was able to hook them up to a harness and rope, where they were pulled to safety by members of the Lewisburg and Renick fire Departments.

“The dogs were extremely friendly. They were jumping all over me, just happy to see somebody when I got down,” said Brookman.

Brookman and his fellow firefighters rescued all five dogs safely. And they were returned to their owner with no long-term injuries.

“I really didn’t know exactly what we were going into, so that always gives you that adrenaline and that excitement. But once we got there I was just happy that the dogs were okay and that we were able to get all five of them rescued and safe back up to the top,” said Brookman.