BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)–One woman in Raleigh County is giving back to her community by using blessing boxes in the area.

Melissa Turner loves to help everyone around her.

When she’s not working as a bus driver for Raleigh County Schools, she spends her free time filling blessing boxes in the Beckley and Beaver areas on Sundays. She said she started this because, one day, she saw a young boy searching in the blessing box for food or items, but it was empty.

She said she heard him sob, and that’s when she decided to do something.

“Once I went over, I realized it was a blessing box, it was to give food, to give hope and there was nothing in it. That changed everything for me because first of all to be hungry is bad, but to be alone and hungry is probably the worst thing ever,” Turner said.

Others rallied around her to help too. At one point she received a donation of ninety-nine coats to give to children. And any monetary donations she receives, she turns around and buys more items for the boxes. She said she wants to teach her children about giving back and instilling the right morals and values in them.

Turner said if humans had more compassion, the world would be a better place.

“You’re gonna see someone that looks like your mother, your father, your children come up out of there and they’re hungry. Watch long enough and I think it’ll make you want to…just, like I said, one can take away some of that hunger,” Turner said.

This dedication to help better her community, truly makes Melissa a remarkable woman.