OCEANA, WV (WVNS) — One town in our area has taken over a nearby Public Service District and is looking to expand in the future.

The Town of Oceana now officially owns Kopperston PSD as of June 28, 2022.  Kopperston PSD was paying the Town of Oceana to maintain the water for the PSD in Kopperston. Oceana Mayor Tom Evans said since the town officially absorbed the Kopperston PSD, it paves the way for future water projects and expansion in the area.

“This gives us the option now if we want to borrow money and expand off of 85 going up Craney, instead of going through Kopperston, we can just do it on our own.”

Tom Evans, Mayor of Oceana

Mayor Evans said beginning to plan on any new expansion won’t happen until sometime during 2023.