RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WVNS)– An extra $600 million could be pretty helpful for crossing off the holiday gifts that are coming.

On Monday, October 24, 2022, West Virginians were like could win the eighth largest Powerball Jackpot in history.

It was up to $625 million dollars, hours before the drawing.

One Ghent man said he had no plans to buy a ticket, regardless of the high jackpot.
“I just really don’t care for the way it’s set up,” explained Quenton McCallister. “So, that’s my opinion.

Most customers who come into Par Mar Store at Flat Top do not share McCallister’s opinion, according to statements by the store manager.

“So we have customers coming in from open to close, buying all day long,” said Manager Ashley Wilson. “They’re like, ‘I hope I win.’

“I’m like, ‘I hope you win, too, remember me,'” she said. “I always tell them good luck, and I wish them the best.”