Your StormTracker 59 team goes back into the weather files to highlight some of the most impactful weather of the month.

Temperatures in September 2023

We began the month of September on a toasty note! Our hottest temperatures of the month occurred both on the 5th and 6th, where high temperatures reached 85 degrees. This was the crest of the heat we experienced, as high temperatures for the following days lowered.

By middle month, signs of fall were being felt, with below average temperatures that saw high temperatures drop into the middle 60s. We rebounded around September 20th with high temperatures in the middle 70s before another cold spell that saw high temperatures barely reach 60 degrees! We ended the month slightly above normal, resulting in the month overall being almost identical to average – only a few hundredths of a degree warmer than average!

  • Warmest High Temperature: 85 degrees (September 5th and 6th)
  • Coolest High Temperature: 61 degrees (September 24th and 25th)
  • Coolest Low Temperature: 46 degrees (September 15th)
  • Warmest Low Temperature: 64 degrees (September 7th)

Rainfall in September 2023

September began dry – we didn’t see a drop of rain until September 7th. However, when it did rain, it fell in bunches! We set a daily rainfall record on September 8th with 1.82″ of rain and nearly two more inches of rain fell on the 10th just two days later – thankfully we had been pretty dry prior, which prevented serious flooding from taking place. Another dry spell befell the region before, yet another heavy rain day occurred on the 17th, where over an inch of rain fell. In total we picked up just over five inches of rain at 5.08 inches, which is more than 50 percent higher than average of 3.20 inches.

  • Wettest Day: 1.82″ (September 8th)

Labor Day 2023

2023 was a hot and dry Labor Day! Our region has been in a slump in terms of rainfall over the last dozen or so years for the Labor Day holiday, much to the delight of those who celebrate it. Aside from the year 2022, no measurable rainfall has been recorded since the year 2012! Our average high for Labor Day this year was 78 degrees, so we were a handful of degrees above that value.

Full Moon – Harvest Moon

September’s full moon featured the Harvest Moon on September 29th. Skies were clear for the moon to rise around halftime at area high school football games that evening for a beautiful viewing!

September 2023 Weather in Photos with #WeatherTogether

Here are a few photos highlighting some of the weather experienced in the two Virginias in September 2023!

What is #WeatherTogether?

Launched late last year, #WeatherTogether is a dedicated community photo album hosted by 59News and StormTracker 59 to allow viewers to submit weather photos directly to us that we can share on all our platforms on-air or online. These photos are also showcased in our web-based photo album on our site for all to see and enjoy! Any photo of interesting weather, storm damage, snowfall, pets playing in puddles or snow and the likes are all welcomed! We hope to use this to showcase the beauty of the two Virginias through the eyes of our viewers and the vastly dynamic weather we see because we think there is no place more beautiful than here.

See for yourself the collection of photos already submitted or submit a few of your own, here.