SHADY SPRING, WV (WVNS) — The next generation of 59News reporters are learning the ropes at Shady Spring Elementary School.

KTDN, or Kids Trying to Do News, is a group of aspiring reporters, camera operators, editors, and anchors out of Ms. Vandall’s class at Shady Spring Elementary.

Every other Friday, the students host a newscast and they’ve interviewed everyone from the Shady Spring High Boy’s Basketball team, to New York fashion designers, and even yours truly.

Ms. Vandall says she always wanted to put together a school news show, but KTDN has taken off further than she ever imagined.

“When the videos come out, and all the kids around the school are going ‘can I be on KTDN?’ and I’m like ‘not until you get in 5th grade!’ and everybody wants to be in it,” says Vandall. “I mean they’re celebrities. Big time.”

Vandall says putting the show together has helped the students learn how to collaborate and try new things together, as well as teaching them video editing and public speaking skills. Being on camera also helps a lot of the students overcome their fears, like the way Sports Reporter Tyler Allard felt when he interviewed the basketball team.

“I was nervous. I couldn’t move my legs I was so nervous,” said Allard.

“He had to go pee after!” one of his classmates chimed in.

“Yeah, I had to go to the bathroom after I was so nervous.”

KTDN also forces the students to leave their natural social circles and all work together as a team. Anchor Aubrey Hatfield says doing KTDN together has brought her a lot closer with her crewmates.

“I just had a good time overall with these people. Because I was never really close friends with them before this, but I just think it’s overall a really good time,” Hatfield told 59News.

You can check out their newscasts on their youtube channel, KTDN Kids Trying to Do News, which is linked here.