BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Temperatures neared 90 degrees, and the humidity caused the region to be muggy.

Some folks in Beckley sat on their front porches to keep cool. Others ignored the sun and went about business as usual, making sure jobs were done and bills were paid.

Kids at the Sharon Dempsey Memorial Pool in Beckley said there is a better way of beating the heat. Their way has nothing to do with work and everything to do with chlorine.

“It helps you stay cool, have fun,” said Zaylon Burks of Beckley whose grandmother works at the concession stand and brings him to the pool. “The food is amazing.

“Some of my friends be here sometimes,” he added. “Yeah.”

Kids suggested that folks use the water slide if they want to stay cool. Brian Lilly of Beckley explained how to do it.

“You have to walk all the way up, and then you have to wait until someone goes down, and then they’re at the very bottom,” Brian said, as he and his older brother took a break from the slide. “Then, you can go down.”

The pool is open for families to take a nice, cool dip and to visit the concession stand for a cold drink.

Pool workers said the sun is always welcome at the pool.

“We’re just glad to be open day,” said facility manger Lillie Villenave. “The forecast said it was going to storm all day today, which, unfortunately for us, would’ve meant we would not get all of our swimming time, but we’re just glad to have it, have the sun out.”

Some people don’t try to beat the heat. They just enjoy it.

 After all, it’s not a summer day without the sun.