SHOCKING SWEATER: Youth marijuana-themed sweatshirt appears on Walmart website

Local News
walmart kids sweater_1552867279231.JPG.jpg featured many St. Patrick’s Day outfits in the spirit of the holiday, but a viewer tipped us off that a particular piece of clothing featuring a marijuana leaf was making its rounds on social media. 

Even more strange, it was a youth garment. 

As you can see in the image above, the sweater featured a three-leaf clover, a four-leaf clover, and a marijuana leaf. The images sat on top of the words, “normal, lucky, super lucky.” 

When we examined the link the viewer sent, it took us to what appeared to be the normal site. All of the tabs are functional, including the cart option for purchases, and when signed in to an account the user’s info appears in the upper-righthand corner. By all indications the sweater is a Walmart item, but when we reached out to for comment they knew very little about the item. 

“This isn’t an item sold on and we will alert the IT team to remove the image and/or page immediately,” a supervisor stated. 

As of right now, the page and the link are still functional but the item is no longer available for purchase. 

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