RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WVNS) – The line stretched out to the parking lot as West Virginia’s newest Goodwill store opened its doors in Sophia Thursday morning.

The Sophia location is now the sixteenth store for Goodwill of the Kanawha Valley. And they’re bringing some great deals, and new jobs to the local economy.

“Not only can you have individuals that want to find the thrill of thrift, they love to find great deals. But we’re all about empowering through employment. So when you shop at our stores, when you donate to our stores, you’re helping people in your community find jobs,” said Goodwill Director of Marketing and Communications Megan Diehl.

According to Diehl, opening the new Goodwill store has already created between 40 and 50 jobs for the local community.

New employees at the store are thrilled to have a major employer like Goodwill right in their own backyard.

“It definitely means a lot,” said new employee Kaitlin Griffith. “Especially when it’s close to home, you know? Especially with how gas prices have been lately and stuff like that. So it definitely helps a lot.”

But of course, the thrill of potentially finding a hidden treasure for an affordable price brought most people out on Thursday. I spoke with a few customers who were already busy looking for diamonds in the rough.

“It can bring a lot of great deals to people who couldn’t otherwise afford stuff, like a Cuisinart for $3.99!” said shopper Christy Kincaid.