LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) — The State fair is back again this year, but safety measures are being considered more closely due to a possible case of Swine Flu in the Mountain State.

State Fair West Virginia is aware of the situation with the Swine Flu and how it affected West Virginia, but Kelly Collins, CEO of State Fair West Virginia says if you follow the main protocols then there should be no problem having a fun outing at the fair with family and friends.

“If you’re in the barns, don’t eat or drink, don’t touch things or put anything in your mouth while you’re in those locations, and to make sure to wash your hands. You know that’s just good for spreading any type of virus, but especially if there’s an uptick in one certain illness throughout a year, we just start to push those protocols,” explained Collins.

Collins also added that State fair employees are trained for these types of events, which they take very seriously, and if you’re a small child, 65 or older, or immunocompromised to maybe step out of the building or certain events this year.

State Fair West Virginia is continuing to work closely with animal health as well as the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.