BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — A cancer diagnosis is never easy to receive. Angela Crook was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in April of 2021.

She felt a prickly sensation in her chest and got a Mammogram for the first time in two years. After 14 weeks of different procedures and exams — she had her treatment plan. For Crook, treatment meant taking time away from her passion so she could go through treatment without an increased risk of catching COVID-19 or putting strain on her body after surgeries.

“I’ve done hair for 40 years and my clients are my family, and a lot of them I’ve known for 35 plus years that have come to me so that was really emotional for me, but they also gave me so much faith,” Crook said.

Even though she is not in the salon every day, there is an endless amount of support from her coworkers, clients and friends. She shares the status of her journey in a private Facebook group filled with messages of support, love and gifts from Crook’s second family. As she goes through her treatment, she says it’s important for everyone to trust their instincts just in case something is wrong.

“Trust your gut feeling because I was taught that you do your self exam and you feel a lump, I did not feel a lump and mine was deep, it was hard to find,” Crook said. “So definitely trust your gut, if something doesn’t feel right go get it checked.”

Crook says her treatment should be finished by the end of the year with hope that she can return to her passion in the salon by early 2022. She says she hopes that by sharing her story, she can help other women going through the same thing find peace and support.

“We just always think that it’s someone else it’s not us.” Crook said. “And I’ve been blessed, I’ve had so many customers that have went through cancer that they really reached out and help me share their journey which has helped me and I just hope I can do that for others.”