HINTON WV, (WVNS) – The Summers County Sheriff’s Department is asking people with animal problems to call Summers County Animal Control.

Deputies said the station has been overwhelmed with calls from residents concerned about the county’s animal population.

Chief Deputy Tim Adkins said people need to call animal control before coming to the sheriff’s department with animal related problems. He added the high volume of calls to the sheriff’s department about animal related issues is getting in the way of deputies completing their jobs.

“At the sheriff’s office we have papers to serve. We have calls to answer, criminal investigations to handle. And really, honestly, we just can’t afford to take time away from those things when we have funds and resources set aside for a specific role, like an animal control officer,” said Adkins.

If the animal control officer finds evidence of animal abuse or neglect, they then have the option to get the sheriff’s department involved. However, the case must go through animal control before law enforcement gets involved.

To contact Summers County Animal Control, call (855) 984-7387