Son following in dad’s footsteps by becoming a Tazewell County deputy

Tazewell County Virginia

On Father’s Day, we honor fathers across the nation. Some children follow in their father’s footsteps when choosing their career. That’s the case for one man in Tazewell County who decided to become a sheriff’s deputy, like his father.  

Tazewell County Sheriff Brian Hieatt knows the job is a tough one since he’s been an officer for many years. So when his son, Landon, said he wanted to become an officer, Sheriff Hieatt was concerned. 

“It worried me at first and I encouraged him to find a different career because I’ve seen how difficult law enforcement is, especially nowadays, ” Sheriff Hieatt said. 

But Landon was undeterred. He knew being a police officer was what he always wanted to do. 

“There wasn’t a time that I never saw him out of uniform, that’s all I ever saw. And so, I just really got interested in it and I got to help him with things when I was little, ” Deputy Landon Hieatt said. 

Landon became a sheriff’s deputy three years ago. It was that day that he revealed he wanted to be the DARE educator for the sheriff’s office, following in his father’s path. 

“I can remember going to his office with him when he would get stuff ready for his DARE graduations. And then I can remember in high school, I would go and help him decorate DARE graduations. I can remember volunteering when I was little. Like in middle school, they got me a polo with a badge and a name tag that said volunteer at the town of Tazewell, when he was chief there, ” Deputy Landon said. 

Most parents are proud of what their child chooses for a career, but having one following his footsteps makes Sheriff Hieatt beam with pride. 

“It makes me proud that he wanted to get into the same line of work that I’ve done all these years. I know that growing up that’s all he seen and he’s always been around a police family, ” Sheriff Hieatt said.  “It means a lot because I can take some of things that I’ve seen him do when I was little and apply it to the things that I do.” 

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