Raleigh, Mercer, and Summers counties are coming together to bring a water system to a rural area that needs it.

The Counties of Raleigh, Mercer and Summers have agreed to fund a plan to connect the communities from Camp Creek in Mercer County and the community of Dunns to the Cool Ridge Public Service District. 

Raleigh County agreed to put $135,000 into the project. Summers county is chipping in $130,000, and Mercer County is contributing $110,000, according to Dave Tolliver with the Raleigh County Commission. Tolliver says it’s a good thing when the counties can work together to provide the most basic of needs to their people.

“Obviously we like to work with the other counties.  If a person doesn’t have water we have five water projects going on now and about 9 sewer projects so we’re trying to keep infrastructure going.”

Dave Tolliver, Raleigh County Commission President

A date for the project to begin has not yet been set. 59News will keep you updated as more news on the project continues to