ALDERSON, WV (WVNS) – The Town of Alderson was awarded money on Wednesday, for an upcoming flood control project.

On Wednesday, April 27, 2022, the Monroe County Commission presented the Town of Alderson with $150,000. The money was given to the town to aid the completion of the town’s flood control project for the base of Flat Mountain.

After the 2016 flood, the Town of Alderson worked to include included mitigation to remedy flooding that has occurred for many years in the area.

“We got to a point, and realized that we needed to fix the area above before proceeding with our original plan. We stopped the work in order to work with the power company and to seek more funding,” Alderson Mayor Travis Copenhaver said.

Commissioners Galford, Mann, and Young were notified by Richard Miller, the Senior Director of the 911 Office of Emergency Management about what the town needed.

“Richard was an instrumental liaison between the town, county, and all parties involved,” Copenhaver said.

The Commission was able to utilize funds from the American Rescue Plan Act Funding to help the town with its needed funding. Combining the resources from First Energy, the Monroe County Commission, and the Town of Alderson, the town plan to fix a problem it considers to be long overdue.

This project will substantially improve the quality of life for residents on the Monroe County side of town who have issues with significant rainfall, and the Mayor expressed his thanks to everyone who was involved with helping the project.