RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WVNS) – Camden Johnson and the many volunteers who helped him in Raleigh County took no ‘a fence’ to some hard labor on Saturday, August 12, 2023.

Johnson, his friends, family and other volunteers spent their Saturday helping make a new section of trails safer for others to hike. They dug and placed dozens of fence posts and hanging railing for a new fence on the Piney Creek Preserve.

“My grandparents are helping out, my dad’s here helping out, a lot of friends from school are here and a Boy Scout troop,” remarked Johnson.

Sections of the new trail are along a steep and narrow cliff, so Camden took action to make a small impact on his community.

“We’re building a barrier fence on this trail that has a big stream embankment to keep people from falling in the creek,” commented Jeremiah Johnson, Camden’s father.

Young Blake and Nate are two boy scouts lending a helping hand. A sense of community and volunteering are traits that run deep within scouts.

“I like helping my community, and I have nothing better to do than lay in bed, so we’re here to come help one of our fellow boy scout members to help him get to his Eagle Scout,” the scouts said.

Camden is a life scout seeking to become an Eagle Scout. He turns 18 soon and is finishing up all the requirements to become one. He’s a busy guy, being a senior this year at Woodrow Wilson High School and is also student body president.

“Obtaining his Eagle Scout rank has been one of his goals all through his teenage years,” said Jeremiah. “I’m really proud that we can all be out here, and a lot of people are helping him today to make that happen, so that’s a great thing.”

Making a difference through volunteering one hour at a time.

“I just think boy scouts is for the community and to help everybody, and that’s our thing,” Camden stated. “I mean, we’re always helping people and we want the best for our community.”