BEAVER, WV (WVNS) — To ensure the local police department is up to date on their training, the West Virginia Police K-9 Association held its annual K-9 training event.

The event is held each year to help keep law enforcement departments who use dogs up to date on their training. The training was held at the former USDA building on Airport Road in Beaver today, April 11.

“We’ll have 60, 70, 80 K-9 teams participate depending on the location in the state and all these teams come together.  Not only do they get to see other dogs work but they get to share their knowledge and experiences through instances they’ve had throughout the year.”

Nick Mooney, K-9 Evaluator for the West Virginia Police K-9 Association

Mooney also said that the K-9 teams will take the time to visit different schools in the area to show off their skills they learned in training.