GHENT, WV (WVNS) — Spring season is officially here. This means the start of a new season for allergies.

All allergies come from different sources, including here in West Virginia. But what are some of the biggest contributors to spring allergies?

Here in the mountain state, tree’s contribute the most to the spike in spring allergy cases. Tree allergies usually run from March until the end of May.

Local varieties of maple, oak, cedar, ash, hickory, walnut, and birch play a role in the spread of spring allergies.

Tree pollen is also very distinct with how it looks. You will usually find tree pollen as either a white dust or a yellow powder. This can be seen on different outdoor objects, including your own car.

Another common spring allergy in West Virginia concerns grass pollen. This will usually start by the end of spring and into the start of summer.

Grass pollen is similar to tree in that both form up as a yellow powder that can affect your daily activities

No matter what your allergic to, this spring season is an important reminder to keep some allergy medicine around just in case!