MOUNT HOPE, WV (WVNS) – With the risk of losing heat this winter a possibility, people across the Mountain State are finding alternative ways to keep themselves warm.

Nik Mower is the Service Manager for Global Stoves and Services and says that these alternatives are definitely gaining popularity the closer we get to the holiday season.

“We see a lot of people who do come in try to get their stoves cleaned, chimney sweeps before the season starts that way they can just jump right in to use it. We also have a lot of people that come in wanting to see what they can put in their house in case power does come out,” Mower says.

Alternative heating sources have become more popular in recent years – not just in West Virginia, but across the country.

While gas and wood are popular ways to heat a home, Mower mentions that the most popular alternative this year is in the form of pellet stoves.

“We think it has to do with a lot of people not really wanting to go with the wood – it does produce a lot of constant heat with a pellet stove. As long as you maintain them like you’re supposed to, there’s really not much you have to do to them, just make sure the pellets are running through them and the stove really does most of the work for you,” Mower says.

But no matter what system of heat you use over the next few months, your safety should be a main consideration in your choice.

For Mower, that’s what makes his business important. No matter if you want to use gas, wood, or even pellets, making sure people are safe is his top priority.

“We want to provide a service to where people know they are going to have heat, whether it’s the gas that they want or the wood or the pellet in case we get a bad ice storm, we lose power something like that. We know that the people around here can come to use, they can have the heat, that way they’re okay through the winter,” Mower says.