PINEVILLE, WV (WVNS) — One local Economic Development Authority is helping small businesses expand in a time of high interest rates and inflation.

The Wyoming County EDA is one of the few Economic Development Authorities in the region offering small business loans to help businesses expand.  You can apply for a loan through the Wyoming County EDA or the EDA can help find a bank willing to supply businesses with a loan or the combination of the two.

Jamie Walker with Twisted Gear garage wanted to expand his small business and turned to the Wyoming County EDA for help with a loan to help purchase the old Truston building in East Pineville.  Walker said the EDA helped them through every step of the process.

It makes it possible for small businesses. The scariest thing for a small business is not knowing, but there are people there to help you get the funding to get the equipment and the word out. It makes it possible to do a small business.

Jamie Walker | Owner of Twisted Gear

A lot of EDAs across the state don’t offer this so we are one of the few that offer small business loans across West Virginia. So we’re excited to offer that program and excited to be one of the few and very honored to be doing that.

Christy Laxton | Wyoming County EDA

If you want to learn how to apply for a small business loan through the Wyoming County EDA visit their website.