OAK HILL, WV (WVNS) — With Halloween coming up, you might see some ghouls and goblins hunting for candy, but Lori Settle hunts real ghosts.

“I have a little bit of a different drive and eye to see what’s around,” said Settle.

Lori Settle travels the world exploring the unknown, but her journey into the paranormal began in Fayetteville, WV.

“I lived in a demonic infested house for 12 years,” said Settle. “I was a skeptic and did not believe in the paranormal at all, but when you live with it on a daily basis, you have kind of no choice but to admit what you’re seeing and hearing everyday.”

Her chilling story was featured on Destination America’s, ‘When Ghosts Attack,’ in 2015, and recently in an episode of ‘My Horror Story’ on the Travel Channel, which ran on October 7, 2019.

She said the experience opened her mind, and inspired her to do more research about the supernatural. Now, she is on a mission to help others find answers to the things they cannot explain.

“It was important to me to make people feel comfortable in their own homes again,” Settle said.

That mission took her from the haunted prison in Moundsville, WV, to the catacombs in Paris for paranormal investigations. She captured evidence of the unexplained all over the world, even in the cemetery in Oak Hill, where our interview took place.

“We’re not alone,” said Settle.

She explained her investigation process, how she logs experiences and monitors electromagnetic pulls.

“It just kind of lets you know that something else is in the room with you,” Settle said.

She said she hopes to travel more and help more people.

“It’s important,” said Settle. “It’s important to be available and to listen, and I think the more information that we put out there, the more help can be given.”

Settle told 59News she was approached to write a book about her experiences, and she hopes to grow her own paranormal team.