Local restaurants dealing with rising meat prices


BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Buying meat at the grocery store could be hard on people’s wallets and budgets with the recent price increase. Many people are seeing the sale of meat prices go up and that price increase directly affects local restaurants.

“Yes a lot we sell a lot of chicken and steak, like fajitas, so we sell a lot of grill stuff and yes it has affected us quite a bit,” Ignacio Aguirra, General Manager at Campestre.

Employees at Campestre Mexican Grill and Bar in Beckley buy hundreds of pounds of meat twice a week to feed their customers. Since the price increase, they had to make a few changes to accommodate the new prices.

“We have increased our prices. We try not to because sometimes they go up and sometimes they go down, but they are not coming down so we have to,” Aguirra said.

Aguirra said they have seen at least a 30 percent increase in the cost of their meat.

“Generally it’s 5.80 to 6 dollars, 6.50 to 10 dollars is a big increase and that is buy the pound,” Aguirra continued.

Employees say they will not change the type of meat they buy because they will not sacrifice quality.

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