GHENT, WV (WVNS) – If you’re packing up for a long summer road trip, you might be happy to see gas prices creeping back down. But experts say it might not be the good sign you think it is.

We spoke with a few travelers who said they’re thrilled to be hitting the road this summer, but even at more than 30 cents a gallon cheaper than last month, the price of gas was still hitting them hard.

“It has not stopped us, but it’s definitely been a hit to the wallet,” said Jeff Winston.

“It’s still a lot of money,” said Dr. Lisa Brown. “I just filled up and it was $75”

And even though lots of folks across the country are taking summer road trips, Lori Weaver Hawkins of Triple A told 59News that demand for gas has, somewhat surprisingly, gone down. Which has contributed to the decrease in prices over the past few months.

“Perhaps people are cutting back on some of that day-to-day driving. I know a lot of people are not commuting back and forth to work so much because they’re working from home. That helps,” said Weaver Hawkins. “Combining errands, all those little things.”

And that’s all good news. However, Weaver Hawkins also told 59News, there is another reason for the sudden decrease in prices.

“A lot of that, the oil analysts are telling us, has to do with concern that we might be heading toward a global recession,” said Hawkins. “Whenever we get those sorts of concerns, it seems that the oil market, the futures market, tends to go down as well over concerns that there could be less demand globally.”

So while it may be good news now to see gas prices heading back closer to four dollars a gallon than five, keep in mind it’s also because some analysts are expecting even harder times on the way for the world’s economy.