MORGANTOWN, WV (WVNS) — Colson Glover is the 67th West Virginia University Mountaineer mascot.

Glover grew up in the Mountain State. He attended Greenbrier East High School and graduated in 2018. He is currently a senior studying neuroscience. Right now, he is a 4.0 student with WVU. After WVU, he hopes to continue his education in medical school. His dream occupation is to become a physician.

“Becoming the mountaineer was a dream of mine since I was little,” Glover said.

Both of his parents attended WVU and he decided he wanted to become the Mountaineer mascot after watching the mascot at sporting events when he was younger.

Glover said he learned he became the famed mascot during a basketball game in March between Baylor University and WVU.

“It’s indescribable. My dream came true. It’s one of the best feelings of my life,” Glover said.

The Mountaineer is picked by a select group of students, faculty, and staff at the university. The uniform is custom-made by a contractor in Indiana. Glover said the Mountaineer is all about tradition, so everything on his uniform is real. From the buckskin, which is made from deer hide, to the raccoon hat, and the American-made, black powder rifle.

But Glover does not just attend WVU sporting events. He travels around the state, making appearances at schools, summer camps, fairs, and festivals.

“I’ve done around 300-400 events outside of athletics in my term so far,” Glover said.

While the Mountaineer is not a paid position, WVU waives his tuition for his term as the mountaineer.

“Being the Mountaineer is the biggest honor of my life. I can sit here for more than an hour and talk about my experiences. I really can’t thank West Virginia and Mountaineer nation enough for letting me be in this position and represent them to the world,” Glover finished.