Mom reunited with 1-year-old son after working on front lines of pandemic for seven weeks


LAFAYETTE, LA (KLFY) — We are happy to report that 1-year-old Harper Wheeler is back at home in Texas with his mom.

Harper and mom Tasha Wheeler have been separated for seven weeks while she worked the front lines in a Texas hospital.

Before he left Lafayette, Harper enjoyed a farewell drive-by parade at his grandmother’s house and then Wednesday, it was off to Houston.

A nurse anesthetist at a veterans hospital in Houston, Tasha Wheeler said her hospital like many medical facilities across the globe is fighting COVID-19.

But now she says her facility is seeing low numbers of cases.

Tasha says they have PPE’s and the veterans take social distancing seriously.

She also says that’s the facility is safe and the numbers and it’s why she decided it was time for Harper to come home.

She said the first three weeks without him were tough but again knowing that her mom was taking care of her son helped her to do her job.

Harper arrived Wednesday night to welcome signs and of course his mom’s loving embrace with plenty of kisses, a moment they have all waited for and one this front line hero says she could not have done without her mom.

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