MONROE COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — The Monroe County Sheriff, Jeffrey Jones, was arrested after a crash on Thursday.

According to the criminal complaint, a call came in to the Monroe County 911 Center just before 8:45 p.m. about a car accident near the Greenville Road and US 219 intersection in the Rock Camp area.

An officer from the Union Detachment of West Virginia State Police responded to the scene. The State Trooper allegedly smelled alcohol on Jones’s breath. He was then taken to Union for a DUI investigation. The criminal complaint stated that the field sobriety test wasn’t performed at the scene due to rain.

Jones reportedly took three field sobriety tests, which indicated impairment, according to court records. He also took a breathalyzer. The criminal complaint said his blood alcohol level was (.118). The legal limit for blood alcohol content in West Virginia is (.08).

At this time, Jones was arrested and taken to the holding area at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.

The Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney said this about the Sheriff’s arrest:

My office works closely with Sheriff Jones and the deputies who work for him. Given these circumstance I intend to recuse myself from Sheriff Jones’ case to avoid any appearance of favoritism or leniency.

Justin R. St. Clair, Prosecuting Attorney

According to the prosecutor, the West Virginia Code provides a process for appointing a prosecuting attorney from another county as a special prosecutor in these circumstances, which could take several weeks.

Jones was charged with DUI.