PRINCETON, WV (WVNS)–Electric vehicles are the new and upcoming car and Princeton wants to join in.

Officials with the City want to place EV chargers on Mercer Street to attract more electric vehicle owners to the Heart of Mercer County.

They plan to buy ‘Phase 2’ chargers which can charge an EV in about an hour.

Sam Lusk, Director of the Princeton Economic Development Authority said this gives tourists time to shop around the area.

“We want to cater to those folks that have electric vehicles just as much as the folks that have combustion vehicles. And we think if we can draw those folks in just as much as we can draw combustion folks in we just want to be a city that welcomes anybody no matter what they’re driving,” Lusk said.

Lusk added they haven’t finalized when and where they will place the charges but anticipates it will be soon.