BECKLEY, W. Va. (WVNS) — A local mother is outraged after a video showing a science teacher yelling at her middle-school son surfaced. 

Donna Hockett said the video shows one of her son’s teachers making fun of him- in front of his classmates. She shared the video to social media Thursday evening. 

“Anger. For somebody to talk to my kid like that… to embarrass him, to bully him, to call him names, I was very upset,” Hockett said.  

Hockett tells 59 News the video was taken by a student in the Beckley-Stratton Middle School classroom on Monday.  The student’s parent saw the video and reached out to Hockett. 

The video shows a teacher getting onto to Hockett’s son for not doing his work. She tells him to solve what sounds like a math problem. When the student just stands there, the teacher yells “start” several times.  

“You don’t belittle a kid like that. You are the adult. These kids look up to you.  If you’re doing that to kids, I think that gives kids the green light to do it to other kids,” Hockett said. 

In the video, you can also hear someone saying “rain man.” Hockett admits her son has trouble in the classroom and is a special ed student. “She should have sent him to the principal.  Take him out of the classroom.” 

59 News reached out to the Raleigh County Superintendent’s Office. Superintendent David Price said they are aware of the video. Price said it’s personnel matter so he can not comment, but confirms it is under investigation.