Multiple ways to heat your home during winter


(WVNS) — If your electricity bill has gone up recently, there is a reason.

Appalachian Heating Operations Manager, Daniel Akers, said electricity costs went up 10 percent.

“The cost of coal has increased electricity bills over the years,” Akers said. “The loss of coal jobs in West Virginia has also drastically increased the price of electricity.”

However, there are alternate ways to heat your home in the winter months that save you money. Geothermal heating uses warmth from the ground to heat your home.

“If you had a geothermal system in your home, you’d really know no different other than your operating cost,” Akers said. “You’d have a heat pump that would actually sit inside your house versus outside your house. You’d have a gas furnace or electric air handler to circulate air through your home.”

Another way to heat your home is with gas. It is cheaper than electricity but it can also have more dangers.

Lowes Employee, Jeffrey Floyd, said as long as you get it hooked up to gas lines by professionals, you should not have any problems.

“But if you get one of those, it’s a good thing to get one that has an auto shutoff because they can tip over,” Floyd said. “That can be bad for your home. It can burn your house down. But the best way, I think, is gas forced furnaces.”

If you plan on getting heating that is powered by gas, make sure you invest in a carbon monoxide detector just in case.

“I used to live in a house where I had electric and I noticed a big difference in my power bill because i’m not using electric, I’m using gas,” Floyd said. “And I got a CO detector because I have my kids.”

But these are not the only ways to heat your home without using electricity. There are pellet stoves and even special heated floor boards that can offer warmth in the winter.

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