FAIRMONT, W.Va. – “310 Santa” spent Christmas eve spreading Christmas cheer to passing drivers on East Grafton Road in Fairmont.

310 Santa was able to share his Christmas spirit with the neighborhood and started spending a few hours outside on Thanksgiving Day through Christmas Eve. Inflatable decorations were on display in his yard and candy canes were given to those who stopped in for a visit.

“I’ve got a grandson that has autism. And we wasn’t able to take him to the mall and places like that to get pictures with Santa. So, I figured if I dressed up as Santa then I would be able to get pictures with him, and that is where it started,” said 310 Santa.

More than 200 people have visited with 310 Santa to stop and say hello and spread some Christmas cheer. His message to the kids is for them to just be themselves, to have fun, and that Santa is always watching.

“Hearing the horns honk, and the people rolling down their windows, and the people hollering Merry Christmas or ‘hi Santa,’ it’s exciting. And, I just like to pass that on,” 310 Santa said. “I like to remind everyone that Christmas is a time of giving, but it is also a time to remember that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus.”

310 Santa has been spreading cheer for eight years and said that he cannot wait to make his return next year to visit with all the children.