GHENT, WV (WVNS) – With millions of Americans hitting the road this holiday season, making sure you are prepared for the unexpected is something that should be prioritized.

That is why many health and emergency response officials recommend getting an emergency kit in case you get stuck on the roads.

Tony Edwards, Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the Charleston office, said these kits are important to ensure your survival.

“It’s basically some items you need to ensure safe travel if you were to get stuck that you have resources available to be safe and or get unstuck,” Edwards said.

These items include a First Aid kit, battery packs, flashlights, portable phone chargers, and even non-perishable food. These items can be expanded to fit winter weather, including one thing that Edwards said is often an overlooked item.

“Even like kitty litter or sand is a good thing to have so if you were to get stuck, you can sprinkle some things out on the snow to be able to get some traction and potentially get out of there,” Edwards added.

While these kits can be purchased online, you can also make your own, make sure to have a list of items you will need.

Edwards also said one of the benefits of these kits is that other than the food, the items should be able to last a long time.

“Other than the food items, there’s nothing really there perishable so they should last from season to season other than the food items that you’ll want to refresh,” Edwards told us.

Longevity is key for these kits, all to make sure you stay safe while hitting the road this holiday season.