BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS) – The Israeli-Palestine conflict is now being called a ‘turning point’ for the ongoing conflict between the countries.

On October 7th, Hamas launched an assault on southern Israel, killing hundreds of people and kidnapping between 100 and 150 hostages.

So far more than 1500 people have died from this attack. The attack also follows several years of violence and multiple crises from either side. 

Hamas is an islamist organization with a military background first founded in 1987.

Bluefield State University Chancellor, Gary Moore has visited Israel in the past, and says the outcome of this attack may only further the bloodshed.

“It’s a shame because here you have two religions, Islam and Judaism, who should be getting along together because they have the ‘love thy neighbor.’ But there is really not a lot of love going around,” said Garry Moore, the Bluefield University Chancellor.

The attacks by Hamas on Israel may have squandered hopes of a peaceful negotiation with the Middle East.

Moore adds that the boundaries from each country have been pushed since the 19th century.

“The boundaries of Israel was set. Palestine has been pushing those boundaries and Israel has been pushing those boundaries and the world has sat back and watched them do this for years,” said Moore.

Hostage negotiations are still ongoing.