KIMBALL, WV (WVNS)– A local food bank is using state of the art technology to provide clean drinking water to people in McDowell County. A partnership between Five Loaves & Two Fishes Food Bank and non profit organizations from across the country allowed the food bank to get 24 hydropanels delivered to their Kimball location.

The hydropanels were designed by Zero Mass Water. Director of Business Development Colin Goddard said these panels will help make clean drinking water just by using solar energy and air.

“The system behind here, there is no power running to these panels there is no water connections here,” Goddard said. “Right no matter what happens to the power or the water mains they have an independent source of water that they can provide to the members of the community through the food bank.”

The panels will be able to provide up to 950 gallons of clean drinking water each month to the food bank. Co-owner of Five Loaves & Two Fishes Linda McKinney said this will be a small solution to a water problem that has existed in their area for a long time.

“Once this gets up and running at the capacity that we need it to we will be able to provide everyone that comes to the food bank with clean water,” McKinney said.

Fresh water is already bottled up in their food bank. Goddard said he hopes the McKinney’s vision for a better future will allow other communities to get these panels.