PRINCETON, WV (WVNS)–A new portal allows for faster results at the West Virginia State Police Crime Lab.

The Laboratory Informational Management System, or LIMS, launched back in July 2022.

This system aims to cut out the middleman between the Crime Lab, the postal service, and the law enforcement community.

Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney Brian Cochran said in the past it took months to receive results and now through this portal, it cuts the result time back to just weeks.

“This system. How it’s going to help us here in Mercer County and how it’s been helping us, it gets us the information that we need and these cases much more quickly,” Cochran said.

According to Staci Taylor, the Forensic Science Supervisor and LIMS Administrator, there are about 1500 backlogged cases at the Crime Lab.

This portal has the potential to make turnaround time easier for scientists and law enforcement.

“The turnaround time for a case is about 76 days from submission to completion that’s a better way to measure our efficiency as going by the turnaround time than how many cases are in the backlog,” Taylor said.

Mercer County was one of the first counties to sign up for LIMS and Cochran is encouraging other counties to join in.

“I think I heard there are 50 out of 55 counties that are participating now and I would just encourage those other five counties if they haven’t done so you have to go ahead and get involved because it’s a tremendous help. It’s going to help our office, it’s going to help the police officers out here and it’s going to benefit the public,” Cochran said.