Since the flood that hit Mullens in 2001, the city has faced a drought in the number of new businesses that have opened in town. A new restaurant is planning on changing that, by serving good finger licking food. 

Rebel Smokehouse, located in Mullens, has only been open for a week. According to customers like, Janit Frank, their food is so popular they keep running out. 

“I came down Sunday and it was so packed, I could not even get in.”

Jason Mullins is part owner of Rebel Smokehouse with two of his life long friends. Their restaurant is known for their tasty barbeque, which includes; brisket, ribs, burgers and even pizza. 

“There is just a great feeling it gives you when you prepare food for somebody and they enjoy it and they come back. So we feel like we are on to something good,” Mullins said.

Since this is one of the only businesses that has come to into town in the last 20 years, Frank told 59 News, shes excited for what is to come.

“I think it is wonderful that we have a new restaurant in town, and I wish we had more business coming in, maybe this will bring some more,” Frank said.

Mullins said when the Coalfields Expressway is finished it will allow people coming from Beckley to get to Mullens within 20 minutes. He guarantees this will change the area for the better.

“I think we have great potential to grow and expand,” Frank said.