FAYETTEVILLE (WVNS) – Bridge Day brought in not only West Virginia residents, but people from around the country. Considering this event is the largest single day festival in West Virginia, it’s a big deal to those from West Virginia and even tourists.

Many base jumpers and tourists travel long distances to experience Bridge Day and see the beauty of the Mountain State.

While tourists visit West Virginia yearly, Bridge Day draws the most attention with vendors, scenery and activities.

One participant from New York has BASE jumped off of the New River Gorge Bridge numerous times.

Michael Marafioti, BASE Jumper, said participating in Bridge Day runs in his blood.

“It all started back in 1984 when my dad started jumping the bridge when it first opened up,” said Marafioti. “I came when I was eight years old and watched people jump off and when I became of age, I started base jumping off the bridge.”

Marafioti has participated in Bridge Day for 27 years and has BASE jumped off the New River Gorge Bridge 300 times.